30 Days of Fright

“Do you like scary movies?” – Scream (1996)

scream4Throughout October I’m writing about my favourite horror films and television shows, culminating on Halloween night itself…what else!

The title, of course, takes its cue from 30 Days of Night. That may not actually make the list but plenty from over the last 40 or so years do.

So what has made the list? They won’t be revealed until each day of posting – like the films themselves, keeping a little suspense.

And that doesn’t mean they are the best, so don’t get your knitted striped top or vampires cloak in a twist, they are my personal favourites , the ones that had an impact on me at the time, have stayed with me and enjoy repeated plays.

Some I’ve owned on multiple formats of VHS , DVD and Bluray – but I’ll still watch them on TV – others have been late night watches from behind the covers when young or been viewed on the big screen. I’ll try and indicate how I first experienced them.

There’s no order to the list so what appears on day 30 isn’t seen as ranked 30 places higher than in day one. Of course that last one appears on Halloween.

And what makes it a horror? Good question, it doesn’t have to be an out and out gore fest or ghost story it can be a thriller with horror elements, comedy horror (I always thought horrormedy was a better title) or even sci-fi horror. All incarnations of terror make the list, their one commonality being that they all possessed the fear factor – that moment that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck or that icy chill shoot through your body.

Hopefully there will be a few of your favourites here and perhaps those that you have yet to discover or may even give another chance.

Either way it would great to hear your comments, no matter how frightful they be.



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